TYLA Tuesday: Interns Across Texas

One big question that comes up when work-life balance is discussed, is “How do you work, have a family, and give time to your community?” There are many answers to this question, but one great way to do it is to share existing Texas Young Lawyers Association projects. Anyone can do it (you don’t have to be a “young” lawyer), materials can be obtained through our website or by contacting the TYLA office.  We even have guides to give you an idea of how to share (or “roll-out”) these projects with members of your community. The TYLA Tuesday posts will feature TYLA projects, old and new.  If you would like more details, please visit the TYLA website!

In the December 2014 ENews, TYLA Directors Alex Roberts and Travis Patterson explained the Interns Across Texas Project:

Texas Young Lawyers Association is proud to introduce its Interns Across Texas program, a brand new program aimed at creating judicial internships for law school students all across the state. Interns Across Texas aims to “kill two birds with one stone.” First, it is increasingly more difficult for law students to find meaningful internships while in law school that provide the “real-world” work experience that law firms or governments often require. Second, many of the judges in Texas lack access to smart, hard-working law students to assist in researching and drafting opinions and orders.

The goal of the Interns Across Texas program is to increase the availability of judicial internships throughout Texas by connecting law students looking for internship opportunities with state and federal judges in Texas who seek well-qualified interns.  The Web-based program will allow judges to identify and ultimately hire law students across the state for unpaid, judicial internships for the summer, fall, or spring semesters.  Students will apply for internships online, and judges will receive all applications electronically.  The user-friendly site allows judges to easily sort and select the best-suited applicant for each position.

TYLA is very excited about Interns Across Texas and the impact that it will have on both law students and the judiciary.  The program is a model for all states to follow.  Interns Across Texas launched in early spring 2015.  For more information about Interns Across Texas please contact TYLA Directors. And help spread the word about this great program by encouraging law schools, students, and judges to participate.

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