TYLA Tuesday: Probate Passport

One big question that comes up when work-life balance is discussed, is “How do you work, have a family, and give time to your community?” There are many answers to this question, but one great way to do it is to share existing Texas Young Lawyers Association projects. Anyone can do it (you don’t have to be a “young” lawyer), materials can be obtained through our website or by contacting the TYLA office.  We even have guides to give you an idea of how to share (or “roll-out”) these projects with members of your community. The TYLA Tuesday posts will feature TYLA projects, old and new.  If you would like more details, please visit the TYLA website!

The Texas Probate Passport is a great resource, which was designed to inform the public about (1) what happens when he or she dies with or without a will, and (2) how the probate process works.

You can find a copy here: Texas Probate Passport

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