The Myth of the 80-Hour Work Week

We've all had those weeks - where trial prep, closings, discovery responses, and appellate deadlines collide and we find ourselves billing well beyond a normal 40-hr work week.   For many people though, that is not the norm. This New York Times article about how many people "fake" an 80 hour work week is fascinating. Why Some Men Fake an 80-Hour Work Week, and Why it Matters What are your thoughts? Do you (or people you work with) fake the 80 hour week?  

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Lawyer Forced to Bring Newborn to Court

Interesting article from Above the Law yesterday: A federal judge refused to grant a continuance of an immigration hearing finding that the solo practitioner's maternity leave was not “good cause” sufficient to warrant a continuance. Georgia lawyer Stacy M. Ehrisman-Mickle was forced to attend the hearing with her infant child because Judge J. Dan Pelletier, Sr. refused to approve her motion for a continuance even though she had given birth just a few weeks before. The motion for continuance even included a letter from her physician recommending the leave. The attorney has since filed a formal complaint against the judge, noting not only the failure to grant the continuance but the judge's treatment of her at the hearing. Here’s a brief excerpt from her complaint, which is available in full at Above the Law: I was forced to bring my weeks old daughter with me as day care centers do…

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