Funny Friday: Lawyer Mom Problems

Last week I was very excited to see Chief Justice Hecht interviewed by Justice Lehrmann at the Fort Worth Mahon Inn of Court. I was dressed in full suit regalia and left my kids at home to enjoy being a professional for the evening. When I got home, I was exhilarated by having witnessed such great legal minds. I sat down to tell my husband about it, but when I got up to go change out of my suit I felt a tug at the bottom of my pants as they peeled off the couch.
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It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Cazer!

As for me, I'm a cardigan girl, which works well with my firm's flexible (read: nonexistent) dress code, but on occasion, when I want to mix things up, I wear a cazer (cape + blazer). This combo is trending for fall thanks to fashion geniuses Hedi Slimane, Josep Font and Macs Iotti, creative directors of Saint Laurent, Delpozo and Sportmax respectively, and The Devil Wears Prada cerulean blue trickle down effect.
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