Racial Divides in Senior Management

It is no question that there is a lack of diversity in upper level management, particularly in Fortune 500 countries.  One of the best ways to change that is to talk about it.

This article from Fortune discusses a new study from the Center for Talent Innovation regarding racial divides in senior management, particularly the problems faced by women of color.  According to the article:

[t]he report found that while black, female professionals are more likely to seek top leadership roles, they are treated as virtually invisible. Fortune received an advance copy of the report. “Black women who are ready to lead—whose qualifications, track record, drive, and commitment make them ideal candidates for executive roles—stick firmly to the marzipan layer, in sight of the C-suite, but seemingly not in the sights of those who occupy it,” say the authors, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, founder/CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation, and Tai Green, the organization’s Vice President of Communications.

See Why so few Black Women are Senior Managers in 2015.

This article should be eye opening to all of us, there is a group of ready, willing and capable leaders who are being over looked everyday.

This article has caused me to take pause and consider ways to recognize and encourage those who should be in positions of leadership to step forward.

What do you think, has the situation described in this  article been your experience, or the experience of someone you know?

How do we combat these stereotypes?

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