Keeping Stress in Check with Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities

It is easy to allow work to stress you out. Stress often manifests itself when burning the midnight oil; keeping clients and colleagues happy; and tackling other projects. As enjoyable as work may be, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the office and spend time with family and friends. With that said, I know I stress even more when sitting around the house. To deal with that stress and hopefully prevent it before it arises, I try to find activities that keep me busy outside of work.


When it comes to such extracurriculars, I find that I enjoy maintaining a diversity in activities. For instance, I really enjoy exercise. Check out my earlier Lawyers Who Lunch article, “Finding Time for Fitness,” from August 19, 2015. Fitness is critical to a healthy lifestyle and alleviating stress. Over the years, my fitness activities have changed. When I was in high school and college, I enjoyed a lot of team sports: basketball, ultimate frisbee, and the like. As I entered law school, I began lifting weights and as I started practicing law, I found that I really enjoy running and cycling. It was only a matter of time before I picked up swimming, and started competing in triathlons.


In addition to fitness and exercise, I like to assist non-profit organizations and other charitable groups serving the community. These activities are not only fulfilling, but also provide great business and professional development. For more information and ideas on getting involved with non-profit boards, stay tuned for TYLA’s project on getting involved with non-profit boards. A presentation should be coming to your local affiliate soon.


Of course, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My fiancé, Kristen, and I love trying new activities. Kristen and I find dancing especially fun. In addition to family, we also have great friends. Most months, Kristen and I meet with friends for San Antonio’s “First Friday” where we leave downtown for a few hours to enjoy art, German beer, and live music at Beethoven Maennerchor[1] and some of the other festivities in the King William neighborhood.


I suppose these things might not all fit into a single work night, but they are part of the activities I use to maintain sanity and a certain work-life balance. If you have questions or want to share ideas, feel free to contact me.

[1] The Beethoven Maennerchor’s purpose is to preserve German song, music, and language.  It is the one of the oldest German singing societies in Texas. . . . [T]he Beethoven Maennerchor has stood as a beacon of culture and heritage since its founding in July of 1867. An influx of Germans had fled their homelands due to political and economic problems during that time, arriving in south Texas to start anew. . . . “

Nick Guinn is a patent attorney with the intellectual property law firm of Gunn, Lee & Cave in San Antonio, Texas, where he assists clients by protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights. As a TYLA director, Nick has served on the Public Service, Competitions, and Member Services committees. In his committee work, Nick organizes programs that serve his local community, as well as those around Texas. Guinn additionally serves as a director to the San Antonio Young Lawyers’ Association and teaches Sunday school to fourth and fifth graders at his church. In his free time, Nick is either training for his next triathlon or spending time with the love of his life, Kristen.

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