Funny Friday: Lawyer Mom Problems

Last week I was very excited to see Chief Justice Hecht interviewed by Justice Lehrmann at the Fort Worth Mahon Inn of Court. I was dressed in full suit regalia and left my kids at home to enjoy being a professional for the evening. When I got home, I was exhilarated by having witnessed such great legal minds.

I sat down to tell my husband about it,  but when I got up to go change out of my suit I felt a tug at the bottom of my pants as they peeled off the couch. I quickly furrowed my brow in confusion and reached around to feel what was on my rear as I looked down at the couch. My eyes identified the remnants of cheesy orange macaroni noodles at the same time that my hand felt the gooey noodles stuck to my bum. Suddenly my legal inspiration deserted me and I was transported back to the reality of parenthood.

LWL - pants

After being licensed by the State of Texas in 2004, Theresa practiced commercial litigation in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, for over eight years. During her tenure at a well-known Fort Worth law firm, Theresa worked on multi-million dollar lawsuits involving large corporations and complex legal issues, including employment law matters. In 2012, Theresa formed The Berend Law Firm, PLLC which provides counsel regarding employment law, estates and trusts, and non-profit law for individuals and small businesses.

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