Friday Funday!

It is finally Friday! This hilarious article, Lawyer Moms are the Scariest Moms, has been making its way through social media this week, and when I read it, I couldn’t help but giggle:

“[t]he scariest moms of all are the Lawyer Moms — no contest. And more power to them! Lawyer Moms make excellent parents, and the world a better place.”

I can’t deny it, I may identify with this article way too much.  I once rejected a perfectly wonderful babysitting service because I felt like their release form was way too broad.  And its true, I find way too much excitement in folding massive piles of laundry into the wee hours of the night (I mean come on, I can fold laundry while catching up on the DVR…what isn’t fun about that? It is way more fun than staying up all night briefing cases, that’s for sure!)

So let’s hear it for all the moms out there, who somehow manage to do it all…often with perfectly coiffed hair and three inch heels!

What things have made you laugh this week? Please share!

Baili is an associate with West, Webb, Allbritton & Gentry, PC, where she practices general civil litigation with a focus on family law and employment law. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Texas A&M University, and her J.D. from Baylor Law School. Baili currently serves as Vice President and District 2 Director for the Texas Young Lawyers Association. She is also Vice President of Administration of the Brazos Valley Young Lawyers Association, and a member of the Junior League of Bryan-College Station. Baili lives in College Station, Texas with her husband, Casey, their two children, and two dogs.

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