Pregnancy and the Workplace

Whether you have had a baby,  are thinking about having a baby, or simply work with someone who has had a baby, pregnancy in the workplace can be a hot topic.  Just like employees, employers often do not know what they should or can do regarding an employee's pregnancy. This year, TYLA addressed these issues in two written guides: Pregnancy and the Workplace: Know Your Rights(for employees) and Pregnancy and the Workplace: Know Your Duties (for employers).  Both can be found on TYLA's Website. Additionally, TYLA Directors Raymond Baeza, Courtney Barksdale Perez, Baili Rhodes and Shannon White participated in two panel discussions for the 10 Minute Mentor Series.  The panel shared their experiences, and discussed applicable employment law. I encourage each of you to check out this series, and share with your employer clients (and your colleagues). #jointheconversation

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Finding Friends when Life is Busy

The story behind the name of this blog is that the people you lunch with tend to be the sounding board, the ladies (or gents) you approach with important questions about work, life, and how you balance it all.  But in this busy world we live in (and away from classrooms and extracurricular activities that linked us with those who are similar), it can be hard to make friends.  That being said, healthy friendships are an important part of staying balanced (and let's face it, keeping us sane!) This article in The Cut contains an interesting discussion by 17 different women on how they have made friends in their thirties. How have you found friends as an adult?  Discuss!

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Practicing with Excitement

TYLA Immediate Past President, Rebekah Brooker, shared her thoughts on the practice of law in April's ENews. Check out ENews for monthly updates on TYLA projects. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in TYLA’s 41st National Trial Competition (NTC).  I did not have to do any of the heavy lifting when it came to planning and organizing this impressive event, where more than 300 teams representing law schools from across the country gather to showcase their advocacy skills.  But, since NTC was in my backyard, I was one of the many that volunteered to help.  (Sidebar: Thanks to anyone who has ever helped or participated in NTC!) When I arrived at the Dallas County Courthouse I was assigned to the role of “witness” for Team 6.  As I walked into the courtroom to meet my new team, memories of law school advocacy competitions came flooding back.  I…

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9 to 5

Former TYLA Director shared this great article with us in April's ENews.  For more information about what is going on with TYLA, check out ENews. You know that snazzy little iPhone you won’t leave home (or even a room) without?  The one that has you in constant communication with your clients and your office?  And what about your micro-thin laptop or iPad that allows you to draft documents and access client files via the firm’s server.  Yeah, turns out nowadays, for most of us, our office travels right along with us.  My 9 to 5 job looks more like an on-call situation. Even though our ability to perform our jobs remotely via iPhones, iPads, and other technologies has turned us all into little portable profit centers, firms haven’t really adjusted their approach to the typical workday. Most of us are dutifully reporting to work every morning by 9 and staying…

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A City Attorney on Life and Lawyering

Before I expound on a few words of wisdom about work, kids, marriage, life in general, let me provide a short introduction. A little context will hopefully help you understand where the thoughts expressed below are coming from. I am a lawyer - no surprise there. I have been a licensed attorney for almost eight years. I started my career at a small plaintiffs firm in Houston, but for the past four years, I have been working in municipal law. I am currently the City Attorney for the City of Temple and have been in this position for a little over a year. If you have ever driven on Interstate 35 from Dallas to Austin or vice versa, you have driven through Temple. It is home to Baylor Scott & White Hospital, McLane Company, and one of the newest Buc-ee's in Texas. It is a rapidly growing city with a…

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Lacking Motivation?

I don't know about you, but in this busy world it can be tough for me to find the motivation to get things done.  In this article, the Muse discusses lack of motivation and suggests tips on getting things done. Do you have any tips for getting things done?

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Learning to be a Leader

Are you a leader?  Are you follower who would like to learn to lead? In a recent article on 4 Ways a Follower Becomes a Leader, Entrepreneur examined why leadership is attainable, and how to attain it.   It is a good quick read for both those who who are currently in leadership roles, and those who want to be. What do you think, are you a leader? What steps did you take to become one?  

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I hate Elsa: A Book Review

A good mama-friend of mine recently let me borrow her copy of Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein.  Orenstein delves into the girlie-girl culture that seems to permeate girlhood today, and examines it through the eyes of a mother with a preschool daughter.  As the mother of a preschool daughter myself, it was particularly poignant for me.  While the book was very interesting, it did not offer many solutions to keep your daughter from idolizing Disney princesses.  Has anyone read the book?  Thoughts?  Although it lacks practical solutions, it is thought provoking, and I would recommend it to anyone who is parenting a daughter. Amazon: Cinderella Ate my Daughter  

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Unconscious Gender Bias

Have you seen an unconscious gender bias at work?  The link below is a video of some common examples of gender bias in the work place.  Does this happen at your firm?  How do you respond?  What can we do to make positive changes?  Let’s discuss.    

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