Paternity-Leave Stigma

Paternity leave remains the unicorn of parental leave. Although recent statistics show that nine out of ten U.S. fathers took some time off work for the birth or adoption of a child, those same statistics showed that seventy percent of fathers take ten days of leave or less. Although paternity leave participation is increasing, its duration is short and largely unpaid. The American Lawyer recently published an article on the slow shift regarding paternity leave. It's worth checking out, just click the link below: Paternity-Leave Stigma at Law Firms Lifting, Ever So Slowly

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Rumor has it lawyers sometimes wait until the very last minute to meet a deadline.  If this is you and you handle your personal life like your law practice, the internet is full of last minute give ideas that may come in handy.  Check some of them out: To pick up on your way home: To help Santa: For the lawyer in your life: For opposing counsel: Good luck out there. Let's hope this is a deadline you don't miss.

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Election Day is Here

After what seems like an endless election cycle, today is the day.  By the end of the day, we will know who the next POTUS is going to be.  The primaries, debates, speeches, and ads have all led up to this day.  In the next few days, the seemingly endless political posts on social media from friends once again will give way to pictures of kids, puppies, and vacation photos.  The seemingly chaotic election cycle is nearing an end.  If you didn't participate in early voting, the only thing left to do is GET OUT AND VOTE. Voting is important.  It is our duty.  It is our voice.  Over the course of our history, many voices were not heard.  Today, all adult American citizen has the opportunity to have their voice heard.  That wasn't always the case.  You can learn more about the history of voting and the efforts to…

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The Dangers of Yes

Finding the right work/life balance is difficult.  For the third year in a row, September kicked off soccer season in my house.  In the fall, I am affectionately known as “Coach Daddy” in my house.  This year, I assumed the role of head coach for a 2nd grade team and a Pre-K team.  My coaching strategy is consistency.  I deliver the same message to each practice and every game: “Kick the ball that way” while pointing to what I believe is the correct goal.  I don’t know what constitutes offsides.  I don’t know soccer positions except for goalie.  (As an aside, this knowledge is useless because we don’t use a goalie in my kids’ league.  I’m told that’s what they do in European youth soccer.)  I played soccer exactly one season growing up and my only memories from that season are, in no particular order (1) a bee sting to…

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