Stress-Reducing Practices

“Just breathe!” When you are stressed and someone utters those two words, if you are anything like me, your stress levels spike. “Just breathe?” If only I had time to “just breathe.” Oh, and don’t get me started on hearing that I should take a yoga class! Practicing law is stressful, and attorneys are notoriously bad at effectively managing stress. While breathing is essential for survival—and, yes, for tackling stress—learning and employing effective stress-reducing techniques can make all the difference in coming out on top of a stressful situation. Check out this article from Forbes, which looks at 14 stress-reducing practices for today’s busy professional. 14 Stress-Reducing Practices For The Modern Professional

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Finding the Good Inside (Especially When It’s Hard)

Coming off a hot, sometimes angry summer - and following an election season that could be charitably described as "testy" - it's a good time to ponder compassion and empathy and how we can maximize both in ourselves and the world around us. True, there are some things people will never agree on.  But even the knottiest problems are easier to address when the opposing sides are respectful and kind to each other. And, at the individual level, how much better would your day be if you were able to deflect the world's slights, from the aggressive driver who nearly clipped you or the cashier who was rude to you, all the way to the co-worker who stole credit for your work or the bully who made your son afraid to go back to school? True, some slights (like those last two) can't be ignored, but when your reaction is…

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