It’s beginning to look a lot like…holiday party season

Texas is home to some fabulous holiday parties. Here are a few tips and pointers before attending your next holiday party: Stay classy, my friend – Stay consistent with the recommended attire, but don’t be afraid to dress it up a little. It’s better to overdress than underdress. This is another opportunity to make a good impression and show sound judgment. Smooth operator – Prior to the event, refresh yourself on co-workers’ significant others’ and children’s names. You may not have seen many of these people since summer clerk events, and it will make conversations much less awkward if you remember their names. Plus, it’s an easy conversation starter for people to talk about who they love. Don’t forget to choose your date wisely; they are a reflection of you. Can you hear me now? - Put your phone away. Be present and engaging. You’re killing me, Smalls - Catch…

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