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Former TYLA Director shared this great article with us in April's ENews.  For more information about what is going on with TYLA, check out ENews. You know that snazzy little iPhone you won’t leave home (or even a room) without?  The one that has you in constant communication with your clients and your office?  And what about your micro-thin laptop or iPad that allows you to draft documents and access client files via the firm’s server.  Yeah, turns out nowadays, for most of us, our office travels right along with us.  My 9 to 5 job looks more like an on-call situation. Even though our ability to perform our jobs remotely via iPhones, iPads, and other technologies has turned us all into little portable profit centers, firms haven’t really adjusted their approach to the typical workday. Most of us are dutifully reporting to work every morning by 9 and staying…

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Babies, Bio-Clocks, and the Billable Hour.

Talk about a phrase that can send this young lawyer into a bit of a panic.  I mean, is there a series of words that is more panic inducing than those for young female lawyers??   Sure, I don’t have kids yet.  But that’s exactly what all the panic is all about. My mommy lawyer friends are well-settled into a life where kids and family are obviously the most important thing, even when work remains an important priority. Life has got to be hard, balancing all of those actual real-life demands. No question.  But what if all those things are still hypothetical…you are just starting a family, or want to, and you’ve got two clocks ticking loudly in the background—the one that says your running out of time!! And the one that says you better bill some time or watch your professional trajectory stall out just when it’s getting good!…

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Can women really do it all? Absolutely.

Little mid-week inspiration here—Judge Lindsey Scott is not only the first female district judge in Jefferson County, she is also just 34 years old, a former assistant district attorney, a wife, and mother of 2. Judge Scott was appointed by Governor Perry to replace Judge Layne Walker who retired a full 11 months before the end of his term. During her short term, Judge Scott helped cut the County’s backlog of cases from 500 to 250 cases all while giving birth to a newborn mid-term and continuing to chase around a 3 year old.
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