Stress-Reducing Practices

“Just breathe!” When you are stressed and someone utters those two words, if you are anything like me, your stress levels spike. “Just breathe?” If only I had time to “just breathe.” Oh, and don’t get me started on hearing that I should take a yoga class! Practicing law is stressful, and attorneys are notoriously bad at effectively managing stress. While breathing is essential for survival—and, yes, for tackling stress—learning and employing effective stress-reducing techniques can make all the difference in coming out on top of a stressful situation. Check out this article from Forbes, which looks at 14 stress-reducing practices for today’s busy professional. 14 Stress-Reducing Practices For The Modern Professional

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Millenials in the Work Place

In 2017, the stigma of being a young lawyer and a “millennial” often go hand in hand. Being a millennial myself, I work endlessly to defy the general perception associated with my defined generational class. My former co-worker and wonderful friend Caroline LaPorte (who is also a millennial), along with my boss, Patrick A. Wright, have an optimistic perspective on managing millennials in the work place. Fostering a work environment where everyone feels a sense of self-worth is crucial for productivity in any work place. This article attributes ways to close the generational gap for millennials and non-millennials, in effort to create the most efficient and desirable work place. Enjoy! 7 ways millennials want to be managed in workplace

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