Nanny vs. Daycare

What a debate! I had no idea that I would spend so much time as a parent thinking about, talking about, and considering who should take care of my children while I spent my time working on other people’s legal problems. Of course, why wouldn’t my husband and I spend so much time debating and worrying about the quality of care we would be providing for the most precious people in our lives—our children?

Well, my friends, in the past ten years, with our three kids, we have tried it all. And I literally mean it! We’ve done daycare, Montessori school, in-home child care, au pairs*, full-time nannies, and part-time nannies. I’m sure we’ve probably missed something in there, but that pretty much runs the gamut for all our options here in Fort Worth. I’ve researched all the types of daycares – Crème de la Crème, Children’s Courtyard, hospital-sponsored daycares, church-sponsored daycares, YMCA-sponsored daycares, and beyond. As a couple, we have toured, researched, and vetted so many options that I’ve practically become the local expert on childcare options. In fact, I’ve received multiple phone calls from local attorneys who explain, “We are expecting our first child and so-and-so said I should call you to discuss daycares…”

With all that said, it probably sounds like I’m one of those hyperactive, overprotective, helicopter parents, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! It is important for you to understand that I have never been interested in being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM – it took me forever to even figure out what SAHM stood for!). Don’t get me wrong; I adore—absolutely adore—my children. However, I know that the best thing for all of us is for me to not be at home with them all day. Now, I also recognize that many of you reading this, along with many of my friends and colleagues, feel the exact opposite. So, if you don’t judge me, I won’t judge you (actually, I won’t judge you either way, so it’s really a moot point).

Deciding on the perfect childcare situation for your family is a very personal decision and the answer will be different for almost everyone. Every family dynamic is as unique as a fingerprint. My family consists of three beautiful children: Luke who was born while juggling my last set of finals in my third year of law school, Evie who was born approximately 18 months later during my first year as a litigation associate at a large law firm, and George who was born three years later while I was practicing commercial litigation as a senior associate at a medium-sized law firm. During this time, my husband (not an attorney) was an up-and-coming executive in the consumer finance industry. To make a busy situation worse, we do not have any family close by to lend a hand. There are no next-door grandparents or aunts to cuddle and spoil our little cherubs, so we were completely on our own. To say that we were are busy is a gross understatement. The point of all this oversharing is to tell you that this is my family dynamic, and I’ve made choices based on what is best for my family—not yours. So, please take my opinions and utilize them in a way that makes your family dynamic work best.

Daycare is an absolutely wonderful choice for many people, and it was for us, for a time. When my oldest was born 10 years ago (wow, do I feel old!), we were not in a financial position to even consider a nanny or any sort of private care. I was just graduating from law school (baby in arms) and carrying the balance of law school loans in addition to a diaper bag. Even the pricing at Crème de la Crème was way out of our budget. So, price is definitely something to consider. Nonetheless, there are plenty of quality daycares out there that offer a safe environment, with intellectually stimulating surroundings and loving caregivers.

The benefit of choosing daycare, is that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. There is a system of checks and balances in place that you don’t get with a nanny or an au pair. The Texas Department of Family and Child Protective Services provides governmental oversight and licensing for all child care facilities. Have you ever looked up your favorite restaurant through the Online Health Inspection Reports? (Don’t do it! It’ll ruin your dinner!). Well, you can get the same information on your daycare just by visiting this website: There are reports regarding the facilities, the care provided, the environment, and more. The facilities are inspected and reported, and the daycares are expected to self-report any known violations. For example, one of the child care facilities that we utilized (and loved) self-reported when a baby fell off the changing table. It was terrible! But, in the long run, I had more confidence in their honesty than discouragement in their level of care.

There are other advantages, too. There are required ratios of teachers to children, so that you know your child is getting the attention he/she needs. If a teacher calls in sick, there is a substitute provided by the facility. You aren’t suddenly wondering who is going to take care of your babbling toddler while you argue a motion for summary judgment in federal court. Instead, that’s the daycare’s problem. You don’t have time to find a replacement for the nanny who is suddenly experiencing car trouble and can’t get to your house. You don’t have time to interview and conduct a background check on any number of back up choices. And although there are services out there such as who will take all the work out of your hands, you still have to be comfortable with a stranger showing up at your house on a moment’s notice to take care of your child. (By the way, I’ve done this, so no judgment here!) Plus, the cost of a last-minute sitter may be escalated.

Daycare provides guaranteed hours, guaranteed cost, human resources (to whom the employees can voice their concerns), management (to whom you can voice your concerns), benefits for the employees (built into your daycare fees), guaranteed oversight, and extensive years of experience. Experience is a huge benefit! Our first beloved teacher had over twenty years of experience with infants and toddlers when we first met her. Her colleagues had similar levels of experience, and they all nurtured and loved my two oldest children beyond my expectations. I had no idea that a childcare giver could become a member of my family so quickly. In fact, I still keep in touch with four of the teachers from the first daycare we utilized. We only left when those teachers left the facility due to a corporate buyout. They are like family to us.

Of course, daycare has disadvantages too. What if you don’t love the childcare giver your child has the way we loved ours? What if she doesn’t seem to provide the care you expect? What if you just don’t feel warm and fuzzy? Then, maybe, daycare isn’t the right fit for your family dynamic. In fact, some children absolutely do not thrive in the daycare atmosphere. There are germs. Millions of GERMS! No matter how diligent a daycare can be about scrubbing down toys, walls, beds, changing tables, countertops, and everything else in sight, there will always be germs and runny noses. Always.

One of the most difficult aspects about having a child in daycare is the dreaded “sick call.” Picture yourself elbow-deep in discovery, fielding phone calls in an attempt to schedule an upcoming deposition, and responding to emails regarding an imminent settlement, when you get a phone call from the daycare telling you that your bundle of joy has a fever and has to go home and stay home until he has been fever free for 24 hours. That means that you have to drop everything, grab your baby, maybe schedule a doctor’s appointment, and hunker down at home for the rest of the day and all of the next day. I’m certain you can see your billable hours flying out the window.

Also, you will have different childcare givers as your child gets older so even if you love your newborn’s teacher, you might not be in love with the subsequent teachers. Plus, your child’s teacher will have to divide her time between several children. It’s a challenge, but your child is worth it!

Nannies can fill the gaps that daycare leaves behind. A nanny typically becomes an actual member of the family. Parents are devastated when a nanny leaves or finds new jobs because she has become an important fixture in you and your child’s life. Nannies can be more flexible with their hours. Nannies don’t stop working when your child gets sick. Nannies can give your child their undivided attention. Nannies can drive your child to and from special classes like gymnastics or music. Nannies can help cook, clean, and do laundry (if you negotiate it into the scope of their job). However, Nannies are more expensive, aren’t subject to checks and balances, don’t offer automatic substitutes for sick days and vacation, and, quite frankly, may quit on you without any notice at all.

For some families, this is the only feasible option. A colleague of mine had to withdraw her child from daycare because her daughter simply could not stay healthy in the environment, even though other children (including my daughter) were perfectly fine. Hiring a nanny was the best option for her daughter’s health, and my colleague was able to return to her law practice without the constant interruption of sick calls. I am certain there are many others who have had this or similar experiences.

For other families, the benefit of having a nanny taking care of their child(ren) in their own home is priceless. Having the child’s own clothes, blankets, bed, food on hand is comforting to the parents and the child. There’s no need to pack bottles, formula, jars of baby food or a lunch, and extra clothes. There is no headache about drop off and daycare security. There are no squealing tires as your round the corner and rush through the doors to find your child is the last one in the daycare to be picked up (and yes, I speak from experience).

In our case, we utilized nannies once our older children were in grade school and required less than full-time care. It’s been a blessing to have nannies in our lives. We have also been blessed to have outstanding childcare givers at multiple daycare facilities. We are blessed that so many of these wonderful nannies and teachers continue to be a part of our lives as they watch our children grow and develop even if just from the sidelines of Facebook.
The bottom line is that there is no definitive answer regarding the choice between nannies and daycares. The ultimate truth is that there are people, whether nannies or teachers, who will care for your child with a level of love and joy that will surprise and delight you.

– Theresa Berend
The Berend Law Firm, PLLC

*Our experience with au pairs is worthy of a separate discussion, but the short story is that it also has positives and negatives. We still keep in touch with both au pairs and look forward to visiting them in the future. For more information, visit

Theresa Berend

After being licensed by the State of Texas in 2004, Theresa practiced commercial litigation in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, for over eight years. During her tenure at a well-known Fort Worth law firm, Theresa worked on multi-million dollar lawsuits involving large corporations and complex legal issues, including employment law matters. In 2012, Theresa formed The Berend Law Firm, PLLC which provides counsel regarding employment law, estates and trusts, and non-profit law for individuals and small businesses.

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    When deciding on an outfit, select one that includes a top to bottom (as an alternative to side to side) style. This will make you appear for a longer time as an alternative to bigger, providing the illusion that you are currently slimmer than you actually are. Also, look for a piece that has an business waistline, as it makes it look like you do have a small waist.

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    Red wine is a drink that is loved by various sorts of individuals from all over the world. Actually, once you drink it in moderation, it could sometimes be very healthy for you. Make the most out of this delightful consume by utilizing the guidelines supplied inside the above article.Appearance For Superb Recommendations On Allergic reactions
    If you’re developing a web site, ensure the program code you create features a legitimate Web-page coding+CSS. Even though most internet browsers will make sensation of rule that isn’t legitimate, it can be performed properly or wrongly. Good program code will make the same way quite often in contemporary internet browsers. You should check the applicability of your HTML rule with an Web-page coding validator.

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    Should your grounds catalogue provides a workshop on research expertise, join it. Growing your skills in researching for information can make your life easier while you take on tough tasks inside your courses. The data which you discover is of better quality that whatever you can get by only seeking by way of a search engine on the web.
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    When you’re considering surgical treatment, you would like to make sure that you decide on wisely. You don’t wish to find the least expensive plastic surgeon based upon that by itself. You would like to have a look at references. Look for critiques and the like. Ensure you come up with a nicely-knowledgeable determination when, you’re choosing a surgeon.
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    Avoid smoking lollipops to help you give up smoking. They are certainly not registered as a quitting smoking resource through the FDA and possess not been proven to get any inherent features that actually aid. Nonetheless, given that a good portion from the trouble in adding down all those tobacco is definitely the oral arousal they provide, it can be a helpful secret emotionally.
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    Once your allergic reactions flare, irrigate your sinuses and sinus passages for quick respite from your signs and symptoms. Utilize a neti container or another nose irrigation merchandise as well as sterile, filtered, boiled and cooled or distilled water. This training eliminates irritants and excess mucus, helping you to breathe in easier.
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    Opt for all natural cotton undergarments and steer clear of restricted pantyhose and pants to reduce the danger of yeast infections. Synthetic fabric stop air flow that will create the ideal circumstances for yeast development. Cotton fabric enable air to flow and prevent the moistened, warm conditions that yeast must prosper.
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    It’s extremely important that you’re informed about wines pairings. If not, even the costliest selections should come off of misused and misdirected. Being aware what vino should go wonderful with this steak and what vino is used to prepare with is perfect. Discover more about what wine beverages go greatest as to what food products and activities.
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    When picking insurance, it is very important recall the deductible. A insurance deductible is surely an sum that must definitely be paid for from your personal cash prior to an insurance firm pays almost every other expenses. A cheaper insurance deductible implies that you won’t have to pay all the for the insurance company to protect your bills.
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    Exercise when you are expecting to preserve your health. There is not any should quit training when you are expectant, while you need to almost certainly prevent exercise routines which can be overly physically demanding. Jogging and going swimming are especially helpful and must not result in pain while pregnant. Workout can help you remain in design and will help you manage your putting on weight when expecting.
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    Before you decide to consume your red wine, bring the glass around your nose and scent it several times. This will give you a solid idea of exactly what the red wine will almost certainly style like, so that you can prepare for the experience. Also, should you not like the smell, it is possible to pick yet another wine to consume.
    It’s better to do than stew, when you sense anxiousness coming which usually leads you to a panic attack you need to get up and acquire into anything that’s bothering you. If you’re worried that your home is filthy, clean it. If you’re afraid about a examination, do some learning. Beat your anxiousness at it’s personal online game!

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    When brushing, you would like to be sure that you will be while using suitable equipment. You need your brush’s bristles to get smooth and pleasantly fit your oral cavity. If you have ache within your fingers or hand that stops you from scrubbing having a classic brush, give an electric powered remember to brush a test.
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    When your lower back pain gets to be significant and also you decide that you require health-related help, make sure to determine your insurance plan condition before seeking consideration. Lower back pain and spine difficulty usually get caught in a grey place in many insurance policy programs, and a few of the powerful treatments are not covered with insurance. Be sure you settle the settlement condition prior to going in for medical support.
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    As time passes, hair loss is a thing that naturally comes about. Sometimes it is based on your genetic makeup or how you take care of your hair. Utilizing the ideas offered in the article over it will be possible to get control over hair thinning. These pointers can also help you stop hair thinning.Simple And Easy Powerful Guidance To Help You With Cooking
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    When choosing a fitness center, produce a ‘shopping list’. Make a list of the items are most important for your needs. Think about the different equipment which they offer you, place, price, time, trainers, sessions, little one proper care and so forth. Also, check if you may register on the calendar month to 30 days time frame, therefore you aren’t locked in to a lasting agreement when you discover that the gym doesn’t fulfill your requirements.
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    As we discussed through the sensible and frequent-sense tips inside the write-up above, whitening need not be described as a difficult procedure whatsoever. Opt for the suggestions that happen to be correct to meet your needs and you will notice that you will be on your way to a brighter laugh in a lot less time than you imagined.What You Ought To Learn About Domestic plumbing
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    Think about using a jaws defend whenever you rest. If your jaw is improperly aligned, this can lead to complications with apnea. The alignment of your jaw has a lot with regards to whether or not you will get adequate air flow. Simply being equipped for a jaws shield will help your breathe in when it’s fixing the situation.
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    If you want to have got a classic wedding event, that is great, nevertheless, you should certainly look at changing things up to your honeymoon. Lots of people make an effort to abandon with regard to their sweetie moon immediately right after the wedding, but this is certainly rarely a great idea. It is best to wait a day or two.
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    If you reside in the flood-vulnerable area, by no means think you could rely solely on federal failure support as an alternative to acquiring flood insurance coverage. To start with, a large proportion of all flooding situations in no way qualify for national tragedy alleviation. Secondly, you could shell out far more in curiosity to get a national tragedy loan than you would probably pay money for flood insurance coverage.
    You are able to go on a photo on your own iphone 4 without having stressing about shaking your cell phone. Your headset volume level regulates also can increase in an effort to snap your photos. First, make certain your hands is continuous while you frame the shot. When you are willing to snap the take pictures of, push the volume key in your headset cord.

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    Do not delay your college or university work before the eleventh hour. Your reports will likely be difficult ample without having including the extra anxiety of rushing through it to have it carried out in time. Stick with a consistent examine schedule and do your projects once you purchase them to be able to lessen your pressure.
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    Make certain that new, good information has been noted to the credit bureaus. For those who have a credit dilemma, it is advisable to have all the reliable information as you can getting claimed. Question creditors that aren’t on the record when they would take into account reporting your excellent payment historical past together on the credit rating bureaus.
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    A poor tap may require new parts. If you wish to modify the cap, cut it on the aspect by using a rotary tool. Minimize the exterior aspect and also the plastic-type seal, but make sure you stay away from the brass on the inside of it. You can actually replace the outside of the limit as well as the seal.
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    Beverages are a crucial part for each food as you should get the correct wine with the plate when you are having various meats. Make sure that you go with a okay red wine when you are having a top quality beef, and that will definitely increase the caliber of your knowledge about family and friends.
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    Upon having ordered some properties, you ought to very carefully set up a plan to get them all set for hiring. Offer an specialist check out your properties and determine what must be completed to satisfy basic safety demands. Develop a check-list of everything you need to resolve and ensure it fits your finances.
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    For suitable epidermis, maintain your encounter thoroughly clean! Should you should dress in makeup products, don’t use it for too long time periods simply because this can clog your skin pores. Continue to keep face baby wipes together with you at all times. Keep a package with your tote or car, in order to keep these things when you want them.
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    Wear cozy reduced-heeled shoes or boots. The worries that high-heeled boots put on your legs and hip and legs is transported up your body all the way to your hips and spine. Cozy footwear will assist you to remain and move more normally, which can greatly reduce your chance of back problems the subsequent morning.
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    Always browse the fine print for the cash advance. Some firms cost service fees or even a penalty if you pay for the loan back early. Other folks impose a fee if you need to roll the money over to your upcoming pay out time. These are the basic most typical, but they may possibly demand other concealed fees or even increase the rate of interest should you not spend by the due date.
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    Try out new games every so often. You could only like sporting activities game titles, but once in a while move it with anything diverse. You will discover that you like more than you imagined. Better yet, different video games permit you to participate with various areas of your mind, which is a great thing.
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    Discuss your joint inflammation using the more youthful members of your family. Small kids may be worried you are hurt if you are using hand splints or walking tools. Go over the condition along with them at their stage, to allow them to understand without anxiety and possibly even work with you during the flare-up.
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    Make teeth scrubbing enjoyable for the young children so they would want to embark on the habit. Engage in video games with your kid like experiencing who are able to acquire lengthiest to brush their tooth. Give youngsters decals or actors for completing workouts including tooth brushing, and get them a tiny provide if they have brushed their pearly whites for a certain length of time consecutively.
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    If you make characters for online roleplaying games, give some thought to the globe they’re designed to inhabit if you name them. However some gamers don’t cherish the names of your other heroes they encounter, a few will respond badly to out-of-position titles. Not everyone inside a middle ages imagination video game is going to be ready to spouse track of “WeedToka420.”
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    If you’re planning to engage in a long highway getaway with the kids, package a couple of dessert sheets. The sheets can be used a toned work surface beneath color textbooks or perhaps to play cards. For those who have little ones, you are able to provide magnet characters and phone numbers for instructional fun.
    You need to start residing by the motto that “adequate is great enough” if you are coping with anxiety. In the event you carry on to try to strive for perfection, you may set a lot more unnecessary stress on on your own at any given time while you are presently overloaded. Perform very best you may at whichever you are doing, and stay very proud of what you are able achieve.
    Mentioned previously at the outset of this post, many dreadful adjustments transpire to our bodies as our bodies age. Thankfully there are numerous little things we can do in order to support face mask individuals changes we might discover unattractive. Apply the advice out of this article to your daily life and you may be looking and feeling younger in no time.Allergic reaction Tips Which Will Increase Your Lifestyle

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    When you find yourself out in a restaurant, make sure that you will not eat salsa or buy any meals which contain plenty of spices. Hot and spicy meals can aggravate the signs of piles, that can make you feel uneasy. Remove all hot food items through your diet regime to manage your hemorrhoids.
    Find out the voucher guidelines for all of the stores inside your community. Determine, that offer shop coupon codes which can be used together with maker coupons. This will prevent any shocks with the sign up as you misinterpreted the plans of any distinct shop. You should also check their websites frequently for changes in insurance policy.
    As previously documented, making an investment can be the method to obtain fiscal good results or it could be the right way to shed everything. Everything is dependent upon how you will spend, plus a very little fortune. The ideas and assistance in this article are offered that will help you discover the expense strategies which can be right for you.Stock Trading Tactics Which Everybody Have To Know

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    If you are looking to acquire the best from type then you definitely ought to stay in the front row. This enables you to avoid acquiring derailed, and maintains you dedicated to the lecture. You will be a lot more apt to respond to questions since you can not see all of the eye inside the class upon you.
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    In case you have tried a number of a lot less severe apnea treatments, you might like to think about going over surgical procedures choices for the disorder with the main care medical professional. Obstructive sleep apnea remedy surgical procedure often involves improving the diameter of your respective respiratory tract to reduce the number of apnea attacks that you simply practical experience.
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    To prevent unnecessary discouragement, notify every person in your lifetime that you will be quitting smoking. This will likely get ready those nearest you for your mood swings that frequently come with pure nicotine drawback. This will also warn other tobacco users that you simply do not need or need the temptation of these providing you a cig.
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    Make sure to remain knowledgeable prior to deciding to commence an online marketing prepare. When you are aware information and facts before starting the task it will assist you to avoid many of the common things that people get caught in. This will likely lead to a better chance of success and earnings.
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    Find a hobby to concentrate on with your leisure time that you could also consider while in much more demanding jobs. If you like garden, creating, piece of art or a variety of other pursuits, you can relax on your own along with them. While in job or demanding conditions, pause to consider your upcoming venture in relation to this activity and relieve your anxiety.
    One particular affordable and straightforward technique to whiten your the teeth is to try using the peel off of your citrus fresh fruit like oranges, lemons, and limes. Take away the peel off from the fruits, and include some sea salt towards the white-colored part in the underside from the peel. Massage this on the pearly whites prior to brushing to whiten your pearly whites!

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    When golfing it really is great etiquette to either shut off your mobile phone or make it on vibrate. Players need to pay focus while they are golfing and stay focused entirely on their photo. A mobile phone suddenly ringing may well be a large diversion and make them overlook or ruin their picture.
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    If your child is involved with video clip game playing, make time to have typical discussions about their video gaming existence. You can find out a good deal relating to your little one by talking about the video games your little one takes on. Make inquiries about what they love particularly games and also ask them anything they think are the various components of your game they don’t like.
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    You’re homeowners insurance shields your most significant resource. Should you took from the coverage greater than ten years ago, take another look at the policy amounts. The expense of creating a new home when you signed up for the insurance coverage seemed to be significantly less than it would be now. It’s important to make certain that you would be shielded at today’s development costs.
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    If you’re a newbie wanting to get into forex trading, it’s very useful to test a currency trading demonstration activity initial. This allows you to do some forex trading, earn some blunders, rather than reduce any real money. Search the internet for some preferred trial online games.
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    Even though many pre-wedding party traditions are centered around the bride-to-be, be sure to involve some for that bridegroom. He plays a pretty significant component on the day and you will wish to have some pictures completed of the time he and his groomsmen get ready for the major time.
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    In case your dental professional suggests orthodontics, you should consider it. Obtaining your teeth straightened is often over a aesthetic problem wrong positioning of the tooth or jawbone might cause severe dental health issues at a later time. Despite the fact that kids in most cases use braces, adults can benefit from orthodontic remedy as well.
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    The skin is the place you meet the surroundings. Easy hands washing can protect you from numerous germs and many forms of cancer-resulting in chemical compounds. When traveling or at the job, you may bring baby wipes together with you to wash your hands. They could also be used to wash the computer keyboard you are employing, headphones or another products.
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    When utilizing e-postal mail marketing, make sure that you never ever spam your customer’s mailbox. One of many quickest strategies to lose the trust of your own customer is always to send junk e-mail to their email address. To ensure your marketing and advertising practices tumble inside mandated regulations, carefully browse the CAN-Junk take action.
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    Stay away from purchasing junk food. These types of food can be expensive, and also if they’re not, the cost of them can really tally up. When you cut out buying lots of fast food, not only will you reduce costs, but it’ll be healthier for yourself. It’s a acquire-earn situation for you, and your loved ones.
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    If you suffer from anxiety frequently, try out working out. Routinely exercising aids to keep your mind and body fit. Consequently, your concerns can be stored from increasing. Consider strolling, fishing, aerobics or some other form of sport. You will end up astonished at simply how much doing exercises will help decrease your stress and anxiety.
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  239. It got me when you said that the teachers in a daycare facility have years of experience which can give us peace of mind. With that in mind, I am convinced to send my child into one next year since he will turn three by then, and I will be going back to work as well. We were having a discussion about this earlier, and my husband has been pushing this idea. Now, I am going to follow what he wants because of this.

  240. i know this is an older post, so not sure if you’re still looking at these – but – did your daycare ask that you sign a student handbook? And, as a lawyer, did you make any redlines to the handbook? Should I rock the boat with my own insertions/concerns/wording or no?

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