I find that at times the working mom guilt can be overwhelming.  My son the other day commented how all of his friends at school “get picked up by their mommies.”  He was quick to highlight that “I NEVER pick him up!”  Which of course is not true, but then I didn’t want to start a debate with my five year old on why I work.

I loved this article by Gabriel Fischer.  His words were so encouraging to me and the message that my employment has a “long-lasting, positive effect” on my children made me smile.   Anything that helps reduce the mommy guilt is a great read!

The guilt many working mothers confess to may be real, but it’s looking less and less warranted.”  –Gabriel Fisher

Rebekah Brooker

Rebekah Steely Brooker is an attorney with Scheef & Stone, LLP, in Dallas, where she has an estate planning and administration and probate practice. Brooker primarily focuses on administering trusts and estates and counseling clients on estate planning, charitable planning, asset protection, and estate and trust management. She also has experience in probate litigation. Brooker currently serves as Immediate Past President of TYLA. She and her husband, Chip, have three children, Hutch, Mac, and Tess.

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