Little mid-week inspiration here—and this one hits pretty close to home for me, especially. I graduated from Nederland High School and so did  Judge Lindsey Scott who presides over the 252nd Criminal District Court in Jefferson County, Texas (Beaumont).  Judge Scott was a year behind me  in school, so I was very excited to see this great article about her tenure as Judge of the 252nd this year.  You see, not only is Judge Scott the first female district judge in Jefferson County, she is also just 34 years old, a former assistant district attorney, a wife, and mother of 2.  Judge Scott was appointed by Governor Perry to replace Judge Layne Walker who retired a full 11 months before the end of his term. During her short term, Judge Scott helped cut the County’s backlog of cases from 500 to 250 cases all while giving birth to a newborn mid-term and continuing to chase around a 3 year old.  Seems like more often than not, we hear lots of stories of new mom attorneys cutting their hours at the firm, going part-time, or being mommy-tracked. So good to hear a story of one of our own breaking through to a position of power and prestige in the profession all while continuing to play the role of mom and wife at home…especially when it’s a Nederland Bulldog!

It’s interesting to note that I don’t recall ever seeing an article about a male judge who was managing to balance his demanding job with the demands of his home, wife and kids.  Is Judge Scott’s story of success really such an anomaly?  Or have us girls just not done a very good job of controlling the narrative on how we are “balancing” our careers with our responsibilities at home? I know of a ton of gals who are total rockstars at home and at the office. Maybe that should be our new storyline…

Check out the link, to learn more about her:

Criminal Judge Blazes through Docket, Balances Home Life 

Amber James

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